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… Without wasting thousands of dollars on guesswork supplementation or years of stressful internet research trying to find real answers
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In this 84-minute training you will discover:
  • The ONE essential thing we do to clear brain fog FAST (use this to immediately be more productive at work)
  • ​The #1 MISTAKE that most professional men - even the savvy ones - are making with their most precious resource. (Fix this and watch your brainpower skyrocket!)
  • ​The 5 KEY discoveries that helped our clients get back the effortless energy to stay ahead of their younger competition in the fast-paced, tech-savvy, modern marketplace
  • ​Why following the “OLD WAY” of staying mentally sharp is harder than ever and what our clients are doing instead to ACE their performance reviews in 2019 and beyond.
  • ​Why mainstream drugs/supplements CAN'T give you laser focus and what to do instead.
  • The surprising NEW neuroscience breakthrough that explains why most professional men end up stressed and overwhelmed (and how to make sure you’re not one of them).
About your hosts:
Chad T Grant & Natasha Hawthorn are the founders of Anabolic Aces Health Consulting™. They’re best known for helping motivated male professionals restore and upgrade their brainpower to reach their peak potential in business and life. 

They are both Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners who use deep functional lab testing to help clients discover the root causes of their symptoms. This data guides custom lifestyle and supplement protocols to fully support each client’s unique mental and physical needs.

Chad and Natasha pull their wisdom from decades of combined education and work experience in the fields of Evolutionary Psychology, Medicinal Chemistry, and Ancestral Health.  Now, they’re here to uncover the secrets to eliminating brain fog and crushing your daily workload!
This Workshop Is For Professional Men With The DRIVE For Career Performance And Productivity

Discover How We Help Maximize Their Brainpower To Increase Earning Potential...
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